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CENTRIA Building Envelope Solutions

Professional support for professionals in the field.

CENTRIA Building Envelope Solutions (CBES) is a one-stop shop for architects, building owners, general contractors, dealers and installers. It’s our comprehensive list of services that makes CENTRIA an industry leader and sets us apart from other manufacturers. The CBES team provides a project-specific menu of services, tailored to meet the customer’s needs through every level of construction. The CBES menu of services includes:

  • Project Management: CENTRIA’s trained professionals will coordinate all services from the moment we receive a purchase order to the on-site delivery of our building products—and beyond. project managers interface with the dealer/installer to ensure correct installation that meets both CENTRIA’s high standards and the standards of the architect or engineer.
  • Detailing Services: The CBES team can handle all detailing services to meet the architect’s approval—from fabrication to construction. CBES detailers also provide general note sheets and standard details, with up-to-date CENTRIA product specifications.
  • Construction Scheduling: CENTRIA serves as the liaison between the dealer/installer and the manufacturing plants to ensure we have the appropriate number of releases for each and every building façade, right on schedule.
  • Manufacturing Coordination: CENTRIA project managers make it their priority to be aware of special project conditions, requirements or unexpected changes of schedule, coordinating schedules for all parties involved.
  • Field Dimension/Scanning Services: The latest offering from CBES implements modern laser scanning techniques to provide exact field dimensions quickly and efficiently—formatted specifically for AutoCAD® software.
  • Contract Negotiation: CBES is there to provide project information and product details for dealers to review, modify or develop contracts or project change proposals with construction managers, general contractors and architects.
  • Coordination of Engineering Services Provided by Design & Development: CENTRIA’s experienced Design & Development Team is available at any step in the process—whether on-site or over the phone. Services include development of solutions for special conditions, design functions such as drawing calculations and PE review.
  • Onsite Installation Assistance: Based on job complexity, size and level of training for staff, CENTRIA will send a field service representative to the jobsite before any work has been started to review accurate installation processes.
  • Document Archiving: The CBES team makes it a priority to catalog all project documentation as required, benefiting all parties involved.
  • Coordination/Scheduling of Freight and Delivery Requirements: Allow CENTRIA to sync project requirements with truckers and shipping facilities to ensure your building products are delivered on time.
  • Design-Assist Services: CBES professionals are available on-site at the onset of your project to review specifications and methodologies to design a wall system tailored to meet architect/engineer requirements. This service also includes collaboration to put together a customized bid package.


The CBES team provides advantages through every phase of construction, beginning with a new level of quality control. CBES greatly reduces overhead for the dealer by providing detailing, project management, engineering and freight expenses as a lump-sum cost—reducing risk and the bottom line. The benefits of CENTRIA’s closed-spec methodology start and end with single source responsibility. Professionals are ensured the most detailed and current drawings, documentation, field erection details and up-to-date product specifications, thereby removing the risk of misfabrications or engineering mistakes. And CENTRIA’s project managers are there every step of the way when you need them the most.


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