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Reimagine Healthcare Projects with High-Performance, Aesthetic, Sustainable Solutions.

At CENTRIA, we understand that healthcare projects present unique challenges and have rigorous requirements related to patient safety – requirements that may not apply when designing for other markets. CENTRIA products, and our team of experts, have helped countless building teams create healthcare facilities with calming aesthetics for a positive patient experience, while incorporating our patented Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology to ensure ultimate building performance.

Healthcare facilities strive to create healing environments for patients and their families. From a wide-range of colors, finishes and coatings to integrated options such as sunshades and louvers, CENTRIA products offer unlimited design possibilities in the way of aesthetics to satisfy any vision.

In addition to appealing aesthetics, healthcare facilities often have stringent environmental and performance requirements, including maintaining interiors at higher temperatures and relative humidity. CENTRIA’s innovative ATMP technology guarantees the best thermal performance and moisture protection on the market today, making it easy to satisfy the most demanding needs. Completely factory formed systems like CENTRIA's Formawall® Dimension Series® Insulated Metal Wall System and Smart-R™ Wall Solution—an integrated system that combines Formawall Dimension Series wall panels and Formavue™-600 factory-assembled window frames—are ideal for healthcare construction because there are no air spaces between the insulation materials and exterior rainscreen, leaving no space for liquid to gather, thereby eliminating moisture build up. With Formawall Dimension Series Insulated Metal Wall System and the Smart-R Wall Solution, an exterior aesthetic surface, insulation, air barrier and interior vapor barrier come complete in one modular, lightweight system.

Reimagine your next healthcare project with the incredible aesthetics, performance, sustainability and value that only CENTRIA products can offer.


ATMP Handbook Download

In Chapter 6, learn how multi-component metal wall system assemblies contribute to LEED points, are recyclable, reduce jobsite waste, decrease maintenance and replacement demands and eliminate toxic mold.

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Smart-R Wall Solution

CENTRIA’s Smart-R Wall Solution takes a systems approach to architectural cladding with the ultimate combination of outstanding performance, aesthetics, sustainability and value.

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Sustaining Healthey Performance

Sustaining Healthy Performance

The architects designing the Cooper University Hospital expansion wanted a sustainable solution that also combined innovative design with a personalized approach to care.

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Sight lines and shadows. Sustainability and style. Learn how CENTRIA is at the intersection of art and science.


One of the most sustainable building exteriors available is also one of the best for keeping initial construction and maintenance costs manageable.


An innovative single panel system means one delivery, one crew, one-step installation – plus service and support from an elite dealer network.