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Reimagine Performance with the Complete Wall System

At CENTRIA, we are committed to product innovation and continuous improvement. A wall system has to deliver outstanding aesthetics, but, even more importantly, it has to deliver outstanding performance. And that’s exactly what CENTRIA’s Formawall® Dimension® Series Insulated Metal Wall Panel System does – by providing maximum thermal performance all the time, every time in a single, panelized component.  In fact, Formawall Dimension Series panels can provide an unprecedented 95% thermal efficiency.

Our commitment to quality led to the development of our patented pressure-equalized horizontal joinery. This panel and joinery design includes an air and vapor barrier, along with a positive drip edge, that offers outstanding protection against air and water penetration. Plus, with no exposed face sealants to attract the dirt that leads to staining, the panels look great long after installation. Add in Formawall Dimension Series Insulated Metal Wall Panel System's factory foamed insulation between metal skins for maximum thermal efficiency, and Formawall Dimension Series is the wall panel of choice for any climate or project.

You can learn even more about what happens behind the wall and the details that make our technology so revolutionary by downloading a portion of our Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP) handbook.

Formawall Dimension Series Insulated Metal Wall System also offers virtually unlimited aesthetic possibilities in form, color and texture, along with the ability to seamlessly integrate with CENTRIA’s Formavue windows and C/S louvers and sunshades. Finally, Formawall Dimension Series panels are sustainable – from being fully recyclable to being manufactured using recycled content.

When you're reimagining performance, aesthetics and sustainability for your next project, reimagine metal with CENTRIA.


A Standing Ovation for CENTRIA Performance

The architects designing the Performing Arts Center at Kent State University Tuscarawas wanted an exterior that performed as dynamically as the people on stage.

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ATMP Handbook Download

In Chapter 4, learn how multi-component metal wall system assemblies have been used to increase thermal performance while complying with current Building Energy Codes.

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Outstanding Performance. Amazing Aesthetics.

Formawall® Dimension Series® combines outstanding thermal performance with dynamic aesthetics, including color reveals, variable panel thickness, and multiple profiles.

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Sight lines and shadows. Sustainability and style. Learn how CENTRIA is at the intersection of art and science.


One of the most sustainable building exteriors available is also one of the best for keeping initial construction and maintenance costs manageable.


An innovative single panel system means one delivery, one crew, one-step installation – plus service and support from an elite dealer network.