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Reimagine Sustainability with CENTRIA Integrated Wall Systems

At CENTRIA, sustainability is one of the core tenets of our business, along with delivering the best in performance, aesthetics and value. We are an industry leader in social responsibility, strongly committed to meeting the needs of our customers by developing environmentally friendly products and reducing our consumption of water, energy and harmful chemicals.

Our commitment to sustainability has resulted in some of the most innovative building products on the market today – products that contribute to achieving LEED® points, are manufactured from recycled content, result in less jobsite waste, reduce building heating and cooling costs, as well as lead to decreased maintenance and replacement costs.

Smart-R™ Wall Solution utilizes CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology by installing our factory-foam insulated metal panels outboard of the building’s metal studs. In addition, the Smart-R Wall Solution combines CENTRIA’s Formawall®3”-T architectural metal wall panels, Formawall IMV and Formavue™-600 windows with innovative components like louvers and sunshades for one of the most thermally efficient wall systems on the market today. Furthermore, the Smart-R Wall Solution minimizes the number of materials used to build the wall and reduces jobsite waste.

Formawall® Dimension Series® Insulated Metal Wall System personifies our sustainability strategy – providing an environmentally friendly product that also offers maximum thermal performance and interesting aesthetics in a single, panelized component. The panels also integrate seamlessly with CENTRIA’s Formavue windows and C/S louvers and sunshades. Finally, Formawall Dimension Series panels are sustainable – from being fully recyclable to being manufactured using recycled content.

Formawall® Dimension Series® PE also offers virtually unlimited aesthetic possibilities in form, color and texture. In addition to amazing aesthetics, Formawall Dimension Series PE offers horizontal and vertical pressure equalized joinery for advanced thermal efficiency and moisture control in a single panelized component. This extraordinary performance, combined with integrated wall components - such as the Formavue windows used on the Mammel Hall College of Business - create an energy efficient system with high insulation values.

You can learn even more about what makes our products so good for your project, and the environment, by downloading Chapter 6 of our Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) handbook.

When you're reimagining sustainability, performance, aesthetics and value for your next project, reimagine metal with CENTRIA.


Sustainable Transformation

The Mammel Hall College of Business is transforming the University of Nebraska Omaha as the first LEED® Gold certified building on campus.

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ATMP® Handbook Download

In Chapter 6, learn how multi-component metal wall system assemblies contribute to LEED points, are recyclable, reduce jobsite waste, decrease maintenance and replacement demands and eliminate toxic mold.

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Outstanding Performance. Amazing Aesthetics.

Formawall® Dimension Series® PE is made from recycled content, is fully recyclable, and lowers energy requirements for heating and cooling.

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Sight lines and shadows. Sustainability and style. Learn how CENTRIA is at the intersection of art and science.


One of the most sustainable building exteriors available is also one of the best for keeping initial construction and maintenance costs manageable.


An innovative single panel system means one delivery, one crew, one-step installation – plus service and support from an elite dealer network.