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Continuing Education Courses

CENTRIA offers courses that can earn you 1.00 AIA/CES Learning Unit. Our responsive sales staff will come directly to your office to deliver them as a convenient lunch and learn program.

CAS201 – Metal Wall Rainscreens & Moisture Control
This highly visual presentation reviews the key performance criteria for wall construction, discusses how the design rules are changing, lists the key elements in rainscreen design and demonstrates how metal cladding systems can provide excellent performance. Testing procedures are reviewed and results given. Multi-component wall systems are discussed in detail and two wall systems that offer superior performance are shown.

CAS232 – Insulated Composite Backup Panel Technology: Achieving Superior Thermal and Moisture Protection
This course details the functional differences between an inner backup wall and the rainscreen component. Participants will be able to correctly identify key weaknesses in popular multi-component backup wall assemblies and comprehend the nature of problems created by them. Finally, this course will identify strategies for creating superior backup wall assemblies when steel framing is employed as the structural element.

CAS241 – The Reasons Why Metal Wall Systems Provide Superior Performance and Aesthetics
Participants of this interactive course will gain an understanding of the types of exterior metal wall panels that are available as well as their manufacturing processes. Beginning with a review of exterior metal wall performance in the areas of air infiltration, moisture control, thermal barriers and other design objectives, the role of metal walls in developing sustainable buildings will be explained. The final section examines the aesthetics of different metal panel solutions and their ability to create stimulating buildings.

CAS251 – Fact or Fiction – Learning the Truth about Metal Wall Systems
This course begins with a thorough overview of the fundamental concepts behind exterior metal wall systems with details about their air, moisture and thermal performance. Throughout the course, participants will explore the facts and fictions surrounding metal walls. The program concludes with information on the exciting aesthetic possibilities and trends with metal wall panel systems.

CAS252 – Reimagine Metal
This interactive program provides an in-depth overview of the purposes and benefits of using metal wall systems. Four metal construction projects will be featured to help participants understand the purposes of a wall system and how metal can meet these principles. The presentation will identify key wall considerations, including energy requirements, sustainability and cost and provide participants with an understanding of fire wall ratings, acoustics and moisture resistance related to metal wall systems. The program concludes with an explanation of how metal can help architects meet their design objectives and reach their overall project goals.

CAS KB253 – Navigating High Performance Wall Systems Using Insulated Metal Panels and Integrated Windows
At the completion of this interactive program, participants will be able to identify key wall performance issues directly from a consultant's experience and recognize how Insulated Metal Wall Panels can address some key wall performance issues. In addition, new code requirements as well as panel thermal performance are thoroughly reviewed and explained.

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