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Another Level of Innovation

CENTRIA expands the Intercept™ Modular Metal Panel System with Intercept LVLZ

A New Direction

CENTRIA is adding another level to rainscreen cladding with its latest product offering, Intercept LVLZ. The newest addition to the Intercept modular metal panel system offers the ability to make façades stand out, creating as much as 2-1/2” difference in panel-to-panel depth, to add a level of relief and contrast to any elevation.

“This product builds upon Intercept’s impressive suite of dynamic, versatile design features—setting the industry standard for customized aesthetics,” says CENTRIA Product Manager Chaz Schafer - IMP, MMP and custom-fabricated products. "Whether it’s multiple panel depths, formed corners or any number of unique project parameters, Intercept answers the call.”

The Intercept system makes use of a unique fabrication process for variations in size and shape, and even custom designs based on specific project requirements. The light-gauge, monolithic aluminum sheets offer an economical solution for complex panel applications.

Intercept LVLZ integrates seamlessly with CENTRIA's Intercept Entyre for dramatic plane changes. The new product is available in depths ranging from 2" to 4" and sizes spanning 48" by 120" and 30" by 138" for both horizontal and vertical orientations. Standard vertical and horizontal panel joint reveals are 3/4" wide. In addition, Intercept LVLZ panels are available in CENTRIA’s extensive color palette, as well as multiple high-performance, innovative finish options.

Intercept modules can be paired with CENTRIA’s MetalWrap™ Integrated and Long Span Series insulated composite backup panels to meet thermal and moisture performance requirements. The product’s dry joinery eliminates unsightly wet seals and provides continuous venting to allow wall cavities to dry effectively while reducing the entry of rainwater.

CENTRIA's vertical integration plays a key role in customizable panel systems like Intercept by providing unmatched value and customer service. Controlling the coating, fabrication and assembly of each Intercept panel ensures the highest quality and on time delivery. Intercept panels are also 100% recyclable and include no flammable components.

For more information about Intercept LVLZ, visit today.

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