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A New Slant

CENTRIA's latest product offering, the Intercept modular metal panel system, brings another level of versatility to the single-skin metal panel market.

The Intercept system makes use of a unique fabrication process for variations in size and shape, and even custom designs based on specific project requirements. The light-gauge, monolithic aluminum sheets offer an economical solution for complex panel applications.

Incorporating folded sides with a wide variety of product configurations, the Intercept system can be applied as a rainscreen on exterior wall applications. Panels can also be configured for formed corners, wing walls, soffits, and radial wall sections without the need for exposed fasteners.

Like all CENTRIA products, the Intercept system was designed with sustainability in mind. The modules are tailored for architects seeking a flat panel that is nearly 100% recyclable and includes no flammable components.

CENTRIA offers two Intercept systems to fit any budget or project parameters. The Intercept Entyre panel system utilizes integrated top and side flanges that serve as both the fastener and panel joinery. Entyre offers innovative excellence with a continuous, extruded engagement flange and concealed fasteners that work in conjunction with sequentially installed panel units. Attached directly to the substrate, the installer-friendly system is ideal for large, flat areas of wall.

The V-Trac panel system has the look and flexibility of traditional plate systems without the need of welded corners and post-painted metal. The system can be formed into multiple shapes and even curved applications to meet any required geometry. The V-Trac system features unique, vertical carrier tracks, known as gullwings, which are installed behind the panel system. The vertical tracks act as a subgirt to allow for field adjustments and ensure a plumb, flat wall. The tracks also provide a recessed drain channel for water, while providing an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the four-corner panel intersections.

Both Intercept systems are available in pre-painted aluminum or natural finish options, including zinc. As always, aesthetic accents include CENTRIA's extensive color palette, as well as mica and metallic finishes. Intercept also can be paired with CENTRIA's MetalWrap insulated composite backup panel to meet thermal and moisture performance requirements.

The Intercept system ushers in a new era in product manufacturing capabilities. While CENTRIA's Intercept is unique from a product offering standpoint, the system is the result of decades of experience and success in the marketplace, including new product innovations, designs, and developments.

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