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LEED Professional Credentials Open Doors for Sustainability Specialists Worldwide

Becoming a LEED professional is increasingly valuable for sustainability leadership and active participation in the green building movement.

By U.S. Green Building Council

The LEED professional credential helps you distinguish yourself from others in the green building industry by showing a clear commitment to your professional growth, while underscoring your value to LEED project teams and organizations focused on sustainability.

In 2014, USGBC surveyed hundreds of current employers of LEED credential holders about the value of the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP. The work of these organizations spans many industries and functions, but they all tell a similar story about the value the LEED credentials bring to their work.

In fact, 91 percent of employers said they would recommend the program to peers, and 71 percent said they’re likely to make holding a LEED credential a requirement in the future. Here’s why:

  • Organizations see LEED credentialed professionals driving business value by effectively communicating sustainability concepts to investors and teams. Employers indicate that LEED credentialed employees understand their clients’ needs better and deliver more value to clients over time.
  • By speaking the common language of LEED, LEED Green Associates and LEED APs improve communication with their team and clients. The shared knowledge and understanding of goals makes project execution more efficient and accurate.
  • Organizations feel it reflects well on their companies that they have dedicated the resources to support LEED credentials for their employees. The commitment shows they invest in the best staff and make sustainable building an enterprise-level priority.

New to green building and don’t know what credential is best for you? The LEED Green Associate is a foundational green building credential recognizing individuals with a demonstrated knowledge of fundamental green building practices and a commitment to the sustainability movement. It’s ideal for professionals newer to sustainability and LEED, as well as product manufacturers, students, real estate professionals, and contractors.

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The LEED AP with specialty credential demonstrates an advanced depth of knowledge in green building practices and specialization in a particular LEED rating system. A LEED AP credential signifies that you are an active participant in the green building field who contributes expertise to the design, construction, operations and maintenance of buildings and neighborhoods that save energy, use fewer resources, reduce pollution and contribute to healthier environments for their occupants and the community.

This credential is best suited for those professionals with hands-on technical experience on a LEED registered and/or certified project.

This article was originally published in ARCHITECT.

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