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Celestial Effects Coating System

Celestial Effects PVDF coating system offers deep, brilliant colors that shimmer in the light, giving your walls a luminous effect. Choose from eight colors with extraordinary color and gloss retention on a variety of substrates. Celestial Effects coating system provides extreme weather performance and resistance to fading, chalking, dirt and stains. Available for coil and extrusion applications, its flexibility and formability allows you to add a unique aesthetic to virtually any project.

  1. 0.8 mil nominal Top Coat
  2. 0.8 mil nominal Color Coat
  3. 0.2 mil nominal Primer
  4. Substrate (thickness may vary)
  5. 0.4 mil nominal Backer
    (Backer as required)

Recommended Applications

  • Insulated metal panels, modular metal and single-skin profile metal panels
  • Architectural metal roof systems

Available Substrates

  • Standard G-90 hot-dip galvanized steel conforming to ASTM1 A653 structural quality
  • Galvalume® steel, hot-dip coated with aluminum-zinc alloy conforming to ASTM A792
  • Aluminum Alloy 3003, 3105 or 5052 and for standing seam roof panels, 3004*, available in smooth surface as a substrate

*Subject to minimum quantity requirements

Performance Characteristics

Coating Type
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fluoropolymer resin

AAMA 620, AAMA 621 and AAMA 2605-13

Application Method
Shop-applied, reverse roll coat

Specular Gloss, ASTM D 523 Standard Gloss
30 – 50 units on a 60° meter

Pencil Hardness, ASTM D 3363

T-Bend, ASTM D 4145
1T – 3T2, no loss of adhesion

Cross Hatch Adhesion, ASTM D 3359
No loss of adhesion

Reverse Impact, ASTM D 2794
3x3 metal thickness, no loss of adhesion

Humidity Resistance, ASTM D 2247, 100% Relative Humidity, 2,000 Hours
No field blisters

Salt Spray (Fog) Resistance

  • 1,000 Hours ASTM B 117
    Galvalume or HDG: Creep from scribe no more than 1/16"(2mm), no field blisters
  • 3,000 Hours ASTM B 117
    Aluminum: Creep from scribe no more than 1/16" (2mm), no field blisters

South Florida Exposure, ASTM D 2244 and D 4214, Method A

  • Chalk
    Rating no less than 8 at 20 years
  • Film integrity
    20 years

Flame Test (ASTM E 84)
Class A coating

Abrasion Resistance, ASTM D 968, Method A
65, plus or minus 10 liters

1American Society for Testing Materials.

2Celestial Effects is not designed to bridge cracks in the substrate.

Download the Celestial Effects Coating System Flyer, or to see CENTRIA’s full selection of additional color offerings, download our color chart brochure.