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CENTRIA Rainscreen Wall Systems

Rainscreen Wall Systems

CENTRIA’s Rainscreen Wall Systems offer countless, exciting design options backed by the superior thermal and moisture performance your building envelope requires to protect it from rainwater impingement, vapor infiltration and air-transported moisture so it will stand the test of time.

MetalWrap™ from CENTRIA is the ultimate barrier wall system that integrates with all of CENTRIA’s back-ventilated metal rainscreen panels and virtually any other type of exterior cladding to provide exceptional protection for your project. Together, these critical components form multiple layers of defense to create an effective rainscreen system.

CENTRIA Rainscreen System Benefits

Thanks to MetalWrap’s one-piece composite foam panel design, CENTRIA Rainscreen Systems deliver innovative protection against the elements that can threaten your building envelope.

When paired together with MetalWrap, CENTRIA Rainscreen Systems will:

  • Achieve optimal thermal performance with a factory foamed-in-place core
  • Provide unmatched protection with a steel face and liner that creates a drain plane
  • Eliminate the need for conventional batt or board insulation, exterior gypsum, air barriers, vapor retarders and building wraps
  • Reduce thermal short circuits by integrating with pressure-equalized tongue-and-groove joinery
  • Come pre-punched from the factory, making installation even faster
  • Minimize the risk and costs with single-source product and installation from CENTRIA
  • Provide extra quality and performance assurance when any CENTRIA cladding panel is used with MetalWrap with a 10-Year Weathertight Warranty







CENTRIA Rainscreen Products

Fuel your design inspiration with CENTRIA’s wide selection of cladding options that integrate seamlessly with MetalWrap to form a weathertight exterior wall.

CENTRIA Rainscreen Wall Systems
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We believe great design must be backed by exceptional service and support. Design your complete Rainscreen System by discussing your next project with a CENTRIA expert. Call 1.800.759.7474 or Chat Now.

Modular Metal Panel Systems:


Intercept Entyre Panel System

The Intercept Entyre Panel System offers innovation excellence with concealed fasteners that work in conjunction with sequentially installed modular panel units.

Intercept LVLZ Panel System

Add a level of depth to any elevation with LVLZ panels. Make your next project standout—literally. Create as much as 2-1/2" difference with the seamless integration of LVLZ and Entyre.

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Intercept V-Trac Panel System

The Intercept V-Trac Panel System is a high quality, monolithic design system that delivers performance similar to Entyre.

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Profile Series Metal Panels:


Concept Series

Single-skin panels combine concealed fasteners with a wide range of profiles based upon a dynamic asymmetrical form.

IW Series

A cost-effective metal panel designed to achieve a clean, unbroken appearance with no exposed panel fasteners.

Exposed Fastener Profiles

Extremely versatile metal panels that can be used for exterior or interior walls, roofs or soffits.


CASCADE Metal Panels

Single-skin metal panels that feature concealed fasteners and a common lock joint, which makes it possible to mix all seven profile rib panels with one another.

EcoScreen® Perforated Screenwall

A unique perforated metal panel that provides the effect of a translucent screen to control light and air movement, while providing safety and security.

Insulated Composite Backup Panel Systems:


MetalWrap™ Series

Designed for use with metal, brick, terra cotta, and other exterior facade materials.

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