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Metal Roofing Panels by CENTRIA. 
Performance and Design Excellence.

CENTRIA offers three options in metal roofing panels that combine high performance and sleek design. Versapanel® is a high-performance foam insulated metal roof panel. Profile Series Exposed Fastener Profiles provide excellent thermal protection. And finally, our structural standing roof systems (SRS) have an aesthetically pleasing seamless appearance, increased span capability, and outstanding weather resistance due to tongue-in-groove joinery.


Industrial Commercial Insulated Metal Panels:


A unique foam insulated metal roof panel with advanced thermal and moisture protection.

Profile Series Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Panels:

Exposed Fastener Profiles and Liner Panels

A cost-effective metal panel designed to achieve excellent thermal protection.

SRS® Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels:

Standing Seam Roof Panels are extremely versatile, providing clean, unbroken lines and a sleek aesthetic, along with a unique clip and panel interlock that enhances thermal performance.

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