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Formawall Dimension Series DS59 3"-T (76mm) Vertical Flat

Formawall Dimension Series DS59 3"-T (76mm) Vertical Flat panel provides outstanding aesthetics and value, along with maximum thermal performance and moisture control - all in a single component. The Formawall Dimension Series DS59 3"-T Vertical Profile is part of the Smart-R Wall Solution.



  • Substrate & Core:
    • Standard - 22/26 gage G-90 galvanized steel face and liner with polyisocyanurate foam-insulated core
    • Optional gages available - consult CENTRIA
    • Optional stainless steel face sheet, 304 stainless steel, 22 or 20 gage, smooth, embossed or striated*
  • *Length restrictions apply, please consult CENTRIA

  • Joinery
    • Vertical oriented panel - Double tongue-and-groove, 1/8" [3mm] nom. joint - standard
  • Surface Finish
    • Exterior
      • Non-directional embossed
      • Smooth
    • Interior
      • Non-directional embossed planked flat
      • Smooth planked
  • Coatings and Colors
    • Fluorofinish advanced PVDF, metallic and mica color coatings in standard & custom colors
    • Allura - premium field-proven fluoropolymer coating featuring a matte, low-gloss finish with a subtle aggregate texture
    • Allusion - pre-finished metal print coating system that accurately simulates expensive natural finishes
    • Duragard & Duragard Plus premium high build architectural coatings
    • Duracast® - a natural appearing textured finish
    • Versacor® Elite Premium Multi-Layered Coating System
    • Kolorshift™ Iridescent Coating System
  • Panel Width: 12" [305mm]
  • Panel Length
    • Smooth or Embossed- 1' [305mm] min. to 37' [11.28m] max.
    • Duracast - 1' [305mm] min. to 28' [8.53m] max.
  • Panel Thickness/Depth of Reveal
    • 3"-T [76mm] with 1-3/16" [30mm] deep reveal
  • "R" Value
    • 3"-T Depth R16*
    • *R-Values are based on ASTM C1363 Testing. Air films are included. Panel Weight - 3.50 lbs./sq.ft (22/26 ga.)

Research Reports

  • Fire Tests
    • ASTM E84
      • Flame Spread 25 max.
      • Smoke Development 450 max.
    • NFPA 268; Ignition
    • NFPA 259; Potential Heat
    • NFPA 285; Multistory Fire Test
    • Factory Mutual Approval; FM 4880
    • Factory Mutual Approval; FM 4881
    • UL Fire Wall Assembly Designs:
      1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour

CENTRIA Formawall Dimension Series panels have been tested in accordance with requirements of the IBC Uniform Building Codes. Contact CENTRIA for more information.

Special Approvals

  • Dade County (Missile Impact resistance)
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)Certified by UL Environment

Consult CENTRIA for test reports.

Patent No.: US 6,253,511; 6,627,128; 6,968,659; Canada 2,351,846