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Kalwall Translucent Windows

CENTRIA and Kalwall have formed a unique partnership to share the design and manufacturing that have made each company a leader in the commercial building products market. Kalwall, with over 50 years of leadership in translucent daylighting systems and CENTRIA with a history of over 100 years in exterior metal wall construction, have co-designed the Formawall Dimension Series Integrated Translucent Window System.

Manufactured by Kalwall, these Translucent Window Systems are designed to install easily with 2” [51mm], 2 ½” [64mm], 3” [76mm], 3”-T [76mm] Formawall Dimension Series panels. Common joinery elements provide a seamless exterior package and are tested to meet specific wind, rain, air movement and aesthetic requirements.

  • ASTM E331 Water Penetration
  • ASTM E283 Air Leakage
  • ASTM E330 Structural Performance
  • Designed in accordance with ICC-ES, ASCE 7 methods for structural compliance
  • Available as FM Standard 4881 Exterior Wall Panel
  • Kalwall Structural Thermal Break Composite
  • Stronger than aluminum
  • ICC-ES PFC 1705 listed
  • Superior insulation in panels — U-values as low as .05 [0.30 w/m2k]

Standard Widths — 4' [13.1 m] and 5' [16.4 m]

Standard Lengths — up to 12' [3.6m]

Standard Grid Pattern — 12” X 24” [305mm X 610mm] Nominal (Other designs and grid sizes available. Please note that spans will vary with different grid patterns).

Colors — Translucent Colors White and Crystal are standard, but other colors are available.

Framing Colors — Translucent Window System framing colors are available in the same range as shown in the standard Colors of CENTRIA brochure. The color palette consists of over 60 standard colors including micas and metallics.



  • Translucent Window System provides “Museum Quality Daylighting"™
  • Formawall Vapor Barrier/Liner remains intact to provide superior air and water resistance.
  • Specially designed Translucent Windows System extrusions integrate seamlessly with a thermally broken connection between panels and windows.
  • Lightweight, strong Translucent Window unit combines the beauty & good sense of diffused, natural interior lighting with the functional qualities of high insulation, shatterproof construction, & low maintenance
  • Fully integrates with 2” [51mm], 2 ½” [64mm], 3” [76mm], 3”-T [76mm] Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal wall system
  • Specially designed and tested integral connection
  • Single Source Responsibility