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Formawall Insulated
Metal Vertical Joint

Is it possible to achieve aesthetics, performance and sustainability in one product?

CENTRIA is writing the next chapter in innovation. Introducing the Formawall® Insulated Metal Vertical (IMV) Joint—a new standard feature of the CENTRIA Formawall® insulated metal panel systems.

Formawall IMV opens the door to new possibilities by providing an improved thermal barrier with a sleek, contemporary façade.

Its superior performance is possible thanks to advanced metal joinery that replaces exposed gaskets at end joints.

Designed with CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology, Formawall insulated metal panel systems enhanced with the Formawall IMV Joint provide the most advanced protection from air and water penetration possible and maximum thermal performance.

The result is a clean, continuous surface that gives your projects a sophisticated modern look that stands the test of time.

Now you can have it all—the most innovative thermal and moisture protection you need with the desired aesthetics you crave.

Reimagine metal with CENTRIA’s Formawall insulated metal panel systems, now enhanced with the Formawall Insulated Metal Vertical Joint.


See for Yourself

The innovative performance of the Formawall IMV Joint begins at installation. Watch how the industry’s most advanced thermal and moisture barrier comes together.

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Patent No. US 8,661,756

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Formawall IMV

Available with the following Formawall Dimension Series and Graphix Series panels:

  • 2" FWDS Horizontal
  • 2" FWGS Horizontal
  • 2" DS-58 Horizontal
  • 2" DS-59 Horizontal
  • 2" DS-60 Horizontal
  • 2.5" FWDS Horizontal
  • 2.5" FWDS Horizontal
  • 2.5" DS-58 Horizontal
  • 2.5" DS-59 Horizontal
  • 2.5" DS-60 Horizontal
  • 3"-T FWDS Horizontal
  • 3"-T FWGS Horizontal
  • 3"-T DS-58 Horizontal
  • 3"-T DS-59 Horizontal
  • 3"-T DS-60 Horizontal
  • Surface Finish:
    • Smooth or Embossed
  • Reveal:
    • 5/8" [15.9 mm] Reveal Width Standard
    • Optional 1", 2" and 3" Reveal Width
  • Color:
    • Available in matching panel color, or custom reveal color.