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Formawall® PE Seal Plate

CENTRIA is opening the next chapter on innovative moisture and thermal control technology with the Pressure-Equalized (PE) Seal Plate, the newest enhancement to CENTRIA’s Formawall® insulated metal panel systems.

By equalizing pressure at the end joint of each panel, PE Seal Plate forms a solid shield against air and water infiltration. For protection against water, PE Seal Plate includes an integral gasket, a vented drain channel and a non-curing butyl seal—all of which provide multiple lines of defense against moisture infiltration.

The vented, pressure-equalized drain channel minimizes the force that may drive water through the wall system, venting any moisture that enters the drain channel to the exterior. PE Seal Plate also addresses air infiltration by allowing the seal to be inspected for consistency along the vertical seal plate, an action that is critical to overall wall performance.

Designed with CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology, Formawall insulated metal panel systems enhanced with Formawall PE Seal Plate provide the most advanced protection from air and water penetration possible and offer maximum thermal performance.

Reimagine metal with CENTRIA’s Formawall insulated metal panel systems, now enhanced with Formawall PE Seal Plate.

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Formawall® PE Seal Plate

Formawall PE Seal Plate is available with:


Formawall PE Seal Plate Benefits Include:

  • Pressure equalized horizontal and vertical joinery
  • CENTRIA's Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology
  • Multiple lines of defense against water infiltration
  • An inspectable seal on the interior after the panels are installed
  • The proven benefits of pressure equalization

Patent No.: 8,261,499