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4-in-1 Insulated Sheathing Panels

TetraShield™4-in-1 Insulated Sheathing Panels are designed for use with virtually any exterior cladding to create a complete wall system solution. The composite design of the TetraShield sheathing panel provides an air barrier, moisture barrier, vapor barrier and thermal insulation. The product exceeds code requirements as a single, easy-to-install sheathing that serves as a substrate for the application of a wide variety of cladding types. The fastest backup wall solution on the market, TetraShield eliminates the need for separate cavity or outboard insulation, exterior gypsum sheathing, air barriers, vapor retarders and building wraps, while providing excellent thermal efficiency and moisture control for exterior walls.

TetraShield is a foam composite panel constructed of two roll-formed steel skins surrounding and entirely bonded to a closed-cell, poured-in-place polyisocyanurate foam core. The exterior steel face and interior steel liner―separated by the foam core―eliminate the chance of a thermal short thus improving the panel performance.

Architectural Details

TetraShield panels incorporate double tongue-and-groove joinery for ease of installation and a locking joint from panel to panel.

An all-weather flashing tape is applied over the vertical and horizontal joints, intersections and fasteners.