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Intercept Modular Metal Panel System

The beauty of CENTRIA's Intercept modular metal panel system lies in its versatile design features and high-performance rainscreen design. Whether its multiple panel depths, curved corners or any number of unique project parameters—Intercept answers the call for nearly limitless design potential and can take your project to the next level. Customize its clean, contemporary aesthetic to meet a wide variety of complex applications. Panels can be configured in almost limitless ways and include options such as formed corners, wing walls, soffits, fascias and curved radial wall sections. Panels also can be custom-fabricated in different shapes and sizes to suit specific project needs.

Installed using extruded clips, the Intercept Modular Panel System virtually eliminates exposed fasteners. The unique horizontal joint design provides cavity venting at the base of each panel course, ensuring continuous pressure and temperature equalization at every panel reveal.

Made of pre-painted, light-gauge aluminum or natural finish metals, Intercept panels require little to no maintenance and offer a long product life cycle, making them an extremely economical solution for complicated façade designs.

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Modular Metal Panel System:


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