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Profile Series IW Series Concealed Fastener Profiles IW-10A

IW Series concealed fastener panels have no exposed fasteners for a clean, unbroken aesthetic in a variety of stucco embossed or smooth finishes. Zinc panels are available in smooth, non-embossed finish. The panels also feature a common lock-joint design that makes interesting visual effects possible, as well as the ability to be installed vertically or horizontally.



  • Substrates:
    • 18 [1.19mm], 20 [.91mm] & 22 [.76mm] gage G90 galvanized steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel
    • Optional .040” [1mm] & .050” [1.27mm] aluminum
    • Optional 22 [.76mm] gage stainless steel
    • Optional .039” [1mm] zinc
  • Surface Finish:
    • Smooth – standard
    • Non-directional embossing – optional
    • Smooth only for zinc
  • Panel Depth:
    • 1 1/2” [38mm]
  • Panel Width:
    • 12” [305mm]
  • Panel Lengths
    • 5 ft. [1.52m] to 30 ft. [9.14m] standard
    • 10 ft. [3.05m] maximum for zinc
    • For shorter & longer lengths contact CENTRIA
  • Options
    • MetalWrap Series insulated composite back-up panels, with our innovative ATMP building envelope science, is the perfect way to enhance overall performance.
    • Profile Series Liner Panels help minimize heat loss or gain, provide a flush appearance to building interiors, and can work as a firewall system.