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Metal Insulated Panels Provide a Smart-R Solution

CENTRIA’s Smart-R Wall Solution offers the ultimate combination of aesthetics, sustainability and value, along with the best metal wall thermal performance on the market today. This superior thermal efficiency is achieved through a combination of innovative components and integrated solutions, such as wall panels, windows, joinery, louvers and sunshades.

The Smart-R Wall Solution incorporates CENTRIA’s Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology by utilizing factory foamed-in-place insulated metal panels, pressure-equalized vertical and horizontal joinery and integrated windows and louvers specifically engineered to work together to maintain a high level of thermal and moisture protection. The system also specifically addresses air infiltration through the use of shop and field-applied concealed sealants that won’t degrade over time.

Beyond performance, the Smart-R Wall Solution offers total design flexibility with a variety of widths and reveals, including the 2.5” and 3”-T Flat, DS-59 and DS-60 FORMAWALL Dimension Series and Graphix Series insulated metal panels.

Finally, the Smart-R Wall Solution is a sustainable choice, providing a high performance thermal envelope by minimizing the amount of materials used to build a wall while reducing scrap generated at the jobsite.

Watch a short Smart-R™ Wall Solution video.

Smart-R Wall Solution – Our most complete and aesthetically pleasing total metal wall and window system delivers unmatched thermal performance and sustainability.

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Formawall IMV End Joint

  • Provides a 4-sided metal joint option
  • Added aesthetic flexibility
  • Added insulation at the verical joint
  • Also available with pressure-equalized (PE) seal plate

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2.5" [64mm] and 3"-T [76mm] FWDS Panels

  • Available with all popular Formawall profiles
  • Seamlessly integrates with louvers and sunshades
  • 2.5" [64mm] panels integrate with FV 650 windows and 3"-T [76mm] integrate with FV 600 windows
  • Pressure-equalized, thermally maximixed horizontal joinery
  • 2.5" - R17; 3"-T - R22

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Formavue 600 and Formavue 650 Window

  • Shop-assembled, integrated punched or strip window system
  • Available on studs or thru-tube supports
  • Seamlessly integrates with Formawall 2.5" [64mm] and 3"-T [76mm] Dimension Series and Graphix Series panels
  • Enhanced thermal performance
  • R3.5*

* 1" IGU with soft coat Low-E and argon gas

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2.5" [64mm] and 3"-T [76mm] FWGS

  • Aesthetic flexibility
  • Reduced chance of air and water infiltration
  • Installation savings

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Patent No.: US 8.261.499


Formawall PE Seal Plate

  • Multiple lines of defense against water infiltration
  • Vented, pressure-equalize drain channel minimized the force that may drive water through the wall system
  • An inspectable seal on the interior after the panels are installed

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  • The 2.5” [64mm] Formawall Dimension Series and Formavue FV 650 window platform, along with the 3”-T [76mm] Formawall Dimension Series panels and Formavue FV 600 window platform offer enhanced thermal performance
  • A combination of concealed shop and field applied sealants as well as the PE Seal Plate specifically address critical air and water seals by providing consistency and redundancy as well as a degree of post inspection/li>
  • Shop-assembled windows reduce the risk of air and water failures by simplifying the installation process
  • Formawall IMV metal vertical joint features improved thermal performance and superior defense against water intrusion
  • Shop-assembled windows reduce risk during field installation and increase the speed of construction


  • Systems approach to high performance architectural cladding
  • Seamless integration of panels, windows, louvers and sunshades provides sleek sightlines at component joinery intersections
  • All-metal joinery provides unrivaled architectural foam panel aesthetics
  • Design flexibility with 2.5" [64mm] and 3"-T [76mm] thick Formawall Dimension Series DS-59 and DS-60 profiles and Formawall Graphix Series panels


  • Integrated wall system reduces the amount of material used (no receptors or exposed sealants)
  • Engineered composite foam panels, integrated accessories and factory-assembled windows reduce jobsite waste
  • High-performance wall system improves the overall air, water and thermal performance