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At CENTRIA, we understand that retrofit projects come with specific goals and unique challenges. No two retrofit projects are the same, so they require a customizable approach.

You need the perfect combination of the right project plan, the right people and the right products to achieve the right performance and make your vision come to life.

At CENTRIA, we provide an unparalleled line of architectural metal wall systems for any retrofit project– many of which utilize our innovative Advanced Thermal and Moisture Protection (ATMP®) technology for the highest levels of performance and energy efficiency.

Our metal panels are lightweight and easy to handle, making installation over existing structures simple and efficient. Manufactured from steel with recycled material content, our panel products contribute to sustainability initiatives by offering long product life-cycles and less jobsite waste. Plus, all of our panels look as good as they perform, with an extensive selection of panel lengths, widths, reveals, colors and textures that provide virtually unlimited aesthetic options.

Just as important as the quality of our products is our experienced team of building experts who understand the challenges and opportunities that each retrofit project brings. CENTRIA’s elite Dealer Network is comprised of true installation experts who participate in extensive training, and ensure that all our products are installed correctly and on time.

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